i've got bruises you can't see. 
birth nameDacon Sarah Knightstone nicknamesDac birthdate & ageMarch 18, 1984 & 34 birthplaceDallas, Texas
When Davina Rossi met Andrew Knightstone, the first thing she fell in love with was his money. Not his looks or his personality. It was his bank account and all of the zeros that were attached to his family's name. A recent transplant from Savannah, Georgia, she was sent to Houston to find a husband and escape the sordid secret she wasn't allowed to tell anyone about. Six weeks after meeting Andrew for the first time, Davina did exactly what she set out to do. Andrew proposed and a wedding was quickly put into the works.

The wedding was an affair which dreams were made of. No expense was spared and for a whole day, Davina was doted upon and praised for landing one of the gorgeous Knightstone boys. But it was a marriage that would soon become mere convinence. Davina didn't love her husband and four months after her wedding day, said so when she learned of the couple's first and only pregnancy. Andrew was thrilled at the prospect of becoming a father as his brother, David, already had two girls of his very own. His wish for a family came true on March 18, 1980 when the family came together to welcome their third baby girl into the fold.

From the moment she was born, everyone joked that Davina hated her daughter because of the name she chose. Dacon Sarah Knightstone came home from the hospital four short days after her arrival to a house that was quickly becoming more of a mausoleum than a home. Six months after Dacon's arrival, Davina began to complain that she just could not lose her pregnancy weight. From that moment on, she blamed her daughter for ruining her figure and later, her marriage.

When Dacon was just five years old, she announced that she wanted to be a ballerina. A dream that all little girls seemed to have. Davina, however, took it seriously and determined that she could live vicariously through her daughter in her dreams of stardom. Dacon loved it all at first. She often ran through the house in her tutus and leotards, never wanting to take them off in favor of pretty dresses and hair ribbons her dad bought. It was a chore just to get her to change out of her ballet shoes. The family went through three pair by the time Dacon was seven.

As she progressed into her teenage years, things began to shift for Dacon. She was losing interest in her dreams of becoming a ballerina and told her mother so. She wanted a normal life, to have fun with her friends instead of spending just as much time in a dance studio as she did at school. School wasn't even a break for her either as she had to be top-notch in her dance classes and drill team. But when she entered into her sophomore year of high school, people began to become concerned. Especially one friend in particular. He walked in on her while she was changing after drill team practice and Dacon didn't get her tee shirt on fast enough. Her ribs were prominant and her arms looked like they were going to snap if any weight was distributed through the limbs. Dacon was questioned about it and just shrugged. She was working too much and not getting enough nutrition into her body. Dacon tolerated it all for a while until she found herself traveling down a road she swore she would never go down.

Weeks after her sixteenth birthday, Dacon declared that she wasn't going to dance anymore. She'd already talked to her school councelor and dropped her dance classes for fear of her health. She didn't quit drill team, however. It was too important to her and she held a squad leader position. But when her mother fought her and her father backed his wife, she decided she'd had enough. Talking to her uncle David helped put things into prospective. As well as give her a way out.

By Christmas of 2000, Dacon Knightstone became an emancipated minor out of fear for her health. She couldn't continue to go on the way she had and was afraid she'd end up killing herself before she reached eighteen. She dropped everything and relocated to Tarrytown, New York. She was scared of moving but her uncle offered her a place to live. As long as she finished high school and did something concrete with her life, she had free room and board. So she moved and enrolled in Sleepy Hollow High. It was freeing and a little weird to not have to attend dance classes. Her petite frame lost it's gaunt appearance and she soon began to have actual curves. But because of her love of athletics, she stayed active. She couldn't just sit around and do nothing. Something that made her aunt and uncle very proud.

Because of David's job, Dacon decided what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She'd gone on a ride-along and experienced her uncle in action. When it came time to talk to David and Rose about what she wanted to do after high school, she had a firm and decisive plan that would carry her through the age of twenty-one. David and Rose happily agreed and once she had her diploma in hand, waved goodbye to her family and began working toward her bachelor's degree in nursing. She'd fallen in love with emergency medicine, but things took a bit of a turn during her freshman year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A friend had suffered a car accident, with Dacon in the passenger seat. She'd always wanted to do something like her uncle, a career that had her out on the streets. When she saw the paramedics and firefighters in action, Dacon knew what she wanted to do. It hurt to give up her dream of nursing, but after a long conversation with Rose, she realized that she was simply marrying two worlds. She had the benefit of being out on the streets and practicing medicine.

Dropping out of school felt like a failure, but Rose and David helped get her where she wanted to be. Dacon moved to Long Island and enrolled at the LaGuardia Community College, then dove head first into the paramedic program. It was tough, but Dacon excelled. Her aunt and uncle helped where they could, but Dacon wanted to do a lot of her schooling on her own. In her eyes, she was an adult and it was on her to either sink or swim. When she graduated two years later, she was faced with another tough decision. She could either go on and obtain a Bachelor's prgram, or she could start working EMS and see if she had what it took to make it through the fire academy. Being dared by the guy she was dating at the time helped solidify which way she wanted to go. Cross-training won out, but making it into the FDNY fire academy spelled the end of her relationship. He hadn't made it in.

David and Rose were excited to see their niece excell, but her parents didn't think she had what it took. During a routine visit, Davina made her distain for her daughter's life choices known. She berated her for thinking that she could do a man's job, something no woman should've striven for. She'd always expected her daughter to do as she had - marry rich and coast through life. She blamed David for romanticizing the life of a first responder, but Andrew supported his child. He'd also, unbeknowst to his wife, paid her student loans so that she didn't have to worry about debt while starting her career. Davina went home extremely unhappy, declaring that Andrew would be sleeping on the couch for the duration of their marriage.

Settling in at the FDNY had it's ups and downs. She floated for a while, unable to land a permanant post. But Dacon loved it. She liked feeling versitile, and she was able to make friends in various fire houses. But by the time she'd reached her third year of service, she wanted a permanant spot. Bouncing around was staring to wear on her and David worried that his niece had built up the wrong sort of reputation. She finally landed in a house near her Chelsea apartment, and things settled into a relatively nice routine. Until a Halloween party brought her into the crosshairs of Wyatt Daniels. Both were surprised when they managed to hit things off quickly. Within six months, they were living together. He'd chosen to give up his apartment and move his stuff in, helping with the rent.

Dacon's long hours and Wyatt's career eventually started to put a strain on the relationship. Davina had learned that her daughter was in a committed relationship and decided to come back to New York, wanting to check the man out. This time, Andrew stayed behind and the decision proved disasterous. There was no one to hold Davina in check, and Wyatt quickly decided that he didn't really want anything to do with her. She was evil and treated her daughter like dirt. That also included Wyatt, who was deemed unworthy of her daughter. That strained things further, once Davina's meddling prompted a deep discussion about the future. Sadly, there wasn't one.

In the years since the end of her relationship, Dacon has pretty much dropped out of the dating scene. She lets her friends set her up, and there are rare occasions when she'll date a co-worker. But, for the most part, she's trying to keep her nose clean. She's also cut off all communication with her parents, since Davina sabotaged her relationship. She's got her feet firmly on the ground, but she is starting to be able to see that she might work too much.

random facts starts every day by going for a run. at the end of her day, she's at the gym for at least an hour. if she doesn't work out, she goes crazy.

is a little obsessed with crime procedurals. she's also big on shows centering around gordon ramsey. especially hell's kitchen.

it's extremely difficult to piss her off. but once she's been hurt, it's also hard for her to forgive.

does not talk about her parents or her past. some things are just better left unsaid and she firmly believes that when it comes to her history.

met wyatt in the spring of 2010. they began dating around mid 2012 and within months, were living together. they were only together for two years before they called it quits and he moved out. neither one is willing to admit that they might've ended things too soon.

has not dated anyone since the end of her relationship with wyatt. she believes it's because she simply doesn't want to waste time with something that won't go anywhere, but her friends have some different possibilities on why she is still single.

wears very little jewelry, feels too awkward when wearing more than she's used to.

is addicted to sweet tea, prefers it over soda.

didn't taste soda until the age of thirteen.

emancipated herself at age sixteen to save her life.

developed an eating disorder in high school and still sometimes has issues with food. She refuses to tell anyone about it out of fear of what her family will think.

only owns one pair of sneakers, prefers boots or flip flops.

drives a 2013 kia sorento. she only really drives it when she goes out to see her aunt and uncle.